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Program OS comment
IRex win9x,XP,2000 program that works with WinLIRC
Slate AmigaOS "Color Bars +" program, supplies video while recording audio onto VCR
JVP AmigaOS/PalmOS Jim's Video Poker
TPlay AmigaOS IFF 8svx sample player for MacroSystems Toccata board

Link to my youtube channelNov 21, 2019
My YouTube Channel

Site updateOct 26, 2019
Been a long time comming, but I've updated the site a bit. Removed some old links. Cleanded up the font styling a bit. Downloads are working again.

New New hostApr 17, 2011
The site has been down for quite some time now. Hopefully its back up to stay. Give me some time to get everything working again.

New hostApr 15, 2005
The site has been down for probably around a week because I've been moving it to a new host. Hopefully they will treat me like a real person instead of an annoyance. If you find anything not working, please drop me an email. Thanks.

IRex version 0.17 onlineAug 15, 2004
Whats new - connect to a remote winlirc server, made tray icon optional, increased number of buttons configuration file will handle to 200, improved handeling of environment variables in config file, added Applications key (Natural keyboard).